Practical Instant Hedge growing in Iver
It’s The Perfect Time Of Year To Plant Hedges

Now is the perfect time to plant hedges

Traditionally, the best time to plant hedges is during the autumn/winter – this applies to both evergreen and deciduous hedging plants.

Our Practical Instant Hedge™ has been produced to ensure that it is easy to handle and plant all year round, with no transplant shock. We have designed this instant hedging range to give you plenty of choice, depending on your garden style, local soil and weather conditions. It’s also ideal for use as a partition or screening to divide your garden into sections. All of this means, any time of year is  the perfect time to plant Practical Instant Hedge™.


How to Plant an Instant Hedge

Planting and caring for a new instant hedge is very similar to that for any new tree or shrub. Good soil preparation beforehand will give your hedge the best start in life.

We can supply you, or your gardener with an installation guide. This outlines trench preparation, handling, planting and back filling. All of the hedging in our Practical Instant Hedge™ range comes in bespoke trough bags, developed to enable easy handling during the planting process.

We will supply you with a maintenance guide for aftercare to help ensure the instant hedge establishes well in your garden. We do recommend the use of a simple irrigation system, which will help the hedging plants establish themselves in their new permanent location.

And of course, one of the beauties of our Practical Instant Hedge™ is that we have taken to the time to grow a large product, so you can appreciate the mature effect, in an instant!

Why not take a look at our range of instant hedge on our website now, and plan your garden improvements.

To help you choose, we have a Hedge Selecting Guide, which give details of the different species available. And if you would like further guidance, simply email us