Childrens Garden at Kew Gardens
The Secret of a Good Garden

What springs to mind when you think of how you’d like your garden to look? Lush expansive greenery or clear simple lines? An array of beautifully vivid wild contrasting colours or your favourite simple colour theme in a variety of subtle hues. Natural, wild foliage or tightly trimmed and clipped geometrical patterns? We all have our own idea of what makes a great garden.

Whether it’s the view from your window as spring bursts into life, or creating the perfect place to relax and entertain outdoors as the weather turns warmer, if you have structure to your garden it will be much easier to create the look and feel that you’re aiming for, and hedges are the ideal natural way to do this. They are extremely versatile and even popular well known gardeners have been known to say that they are the secret of every good garden.

Hedges have multiple benefits and having grown and supplied mature instant hedging to garden designers, landscapers and private clients, for over 20 years, we know they are also quite unique. The secret to a good garden is that structure is the foundation from which everything else should be planned. A hedge naturally establishes structure, creating a framework that will convey a sense of scale. While many hedgerows may have been growing for hundreds of years, Practical Instant Hedge™  can create full hedging structures instantly.

Creating structure

Boundaries and Partitions
Hedges make some of the best boundaries and dividers. Using hedging to separate your garden into ‘rooms’ or areas is a good option, as they can channel or block views. Low hedges can act as physical barriers to without blocking views, while taller hedges create an outline and can also provide a backdrop for focal points.

Backdrop and Colour
Instant hedging provides a lush green backdrop for other planting. Depending on how the light falls you will see the colour and texture change as well as attractive shadow play. It’s the perfect way to show off your flowering plants that are bursting into bloom in spring, and of course evergreen varieties will even make the view less bare and colourless in winter.

Shelter and Protection
Hedges give your garden more shelter and protection because the wind is broken up by the hedging. With a fence or wall, the wind whistles over the top and can land on the other side with some force, leaving delicate flowering plants or sheltered seating areas exposed to the elements.

Punctuation, Contrast and Framing
Just as commas break up a sentence, gardens need their punctuation points too. Lavish borders need a little geometry to give them structure and instant hedges are ideal for creating this as well as providing contrast for wilder plantings. You also showcase large features or sculptures by using instant hedging as a frame.

We have grown our own range of instant hedges to ensure they are easy to handle and plant all year round, meaning you can add instant structure to any garden. Practical Instant Hedge™  enables you to create the garden you want during the spring and summer months when you can enjoy the benefits immediately without having to wait for the right time to plant.

If you would like to know more about the range of species available and what makes our Practical Instant Hedge special, visit our webpage here, or simply email us