Native Mix Instant Hedge
Instant Hedge In Focus: Native Mix

Why Plant a Mixed Native Hedge?

Native Mix Hedges are the perfect hedging option for a natural look, as they contain plants that are all native to the UK and as such emulate traditional country hedgerows found throughout Britain.

Top 5 features of Mixed Native Hedges

  1. Seasonal year-round interest
  2. A great natural windbreak and reduces noise
  3. Thrives in all but the coldest or waterlogged locations
  4. Increased security, such hedges have kept livestock in check for centuries
  5. Attractive to wildlife

Mixed Native hedges create a natural look and contain a variety of colours and textures which provide a rich living collage for excellent seasonal interest.  From the structural beauty of bare winter twigs, to the early spring blossom and lush summer foliage. The autumn brings fruits, berries and wonderful golden colours.

All kinds of wildlife will be attracted to these native hedges, which provide food, shelter and nesting places for birds, mammals and invertebrates.

Native hedging, by its very nature, will thrive on most soil types and can be planted in all but the deepest of shade.  It will tend to grow quite quickly at some 20 – 40 cm per year and will require pruning once a year, ideally in July. It can also be left un-pruned, when it will prove even more wildlife friendly.

Our Practical Native Mix generally contains roughly equal quantities of the following species:

  • Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)
  • Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)
  • Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)
  • Hazel (Corylus avellana)
  • Privet (Ligustrum vulgare)

Our Practical Instant Native Mix Hedge™ has been used in many award-winning Show Gardens at RHS Flower Shows, from Hampton Court to Chelsea.

We currently have this Practical Instant Hedge™ available in heights of 1 to 1.2m, 1.5 to 1.8m and 1.8 to 2m high, in ready to plant trough bags.

Email us if you would like a quote for this instant hedge.

Species Latin Foliage Pruning Annual Growth Aspect Soil preference PH Leaves
Native Mix n/a Deciduous Once in July Fast30-40cm Sun to partial shade All except the poorest Neutral to slightly acidic Various
Iver Tree Hedge Nursery
Available Now – Screening Trees

Evergreen Trees for Screening

We have top quality evergreen screening trees in our tree nursery in Iver, Bucks. These large trees are perfect for creating privacy in your garden.

We have hundreds of trees to choose from at out nursery

We have a range of over 800 in stock at our nursery in Iver, Bucks. From evergreen screening trees (standards and pleached) to specimen trees that would make a stunning focal point in your garden. Why not book a nursery visit to view the trees? Please contact our horticultural team on 01753 652022 or email

Ready Now & Looking Good

These are just a selection of the trees are ready to plant in your garden now.
We can supply, deliver and plant these trees for you. Please ask for a quote.

Please note that the prices below are for each tree, excluding VAT and are ex nursery, Iver.

Species Girth Height Price
Holly (Ilex Nellie R. Stevens) 16-18cm 350-400cm £951
Chestnut Leaved Holly (Ilex Castaneifolia) 14-16cm tbc £625
Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonicum) 20-25cm 350-400cm £670
Prunus laurocerasus Novita (Cherry Laurel) 20-25cm 350-400 £822
Photinia fraseri Red Robin 16-18cm 350-400cm £665
Viburnum tinus Lucidum 12-14cm 200-250cm £425

Special Offer

A 20% discount will be applied to ex VAT orders of trees worth a total of £3000 or more.

The discount applies to the tree stock value of the order only, not to delivery and planting etc.

Contact us for details

Please email or call 01753 652022 for more information.


Find out more about our extensive range of trees, including our recommendations for small gardens, for avenues and coastal locations on our main tree page here.

Best Trees for Spring Blossom

Embrace the Beauty of Spring

The Best Blossom Trees for Your Garden

With the promise of spring in the air, now is the perfect time to add the timeless elegance of blossom trees to your garden. The favourites must be crab apple and cherry trees, which stand out for their fragrant floral displays, which grace any garden.

While Practicality Brown are known for the range of quality evergreen screening trees and ready-to-plant Practical Instant Hedge™, we also have a range of beautiful deciduous trees which will add interest to your garden with their seasonal changes.


Why Plant Blossom Trees?

Blossom trees, with their abundant flowers are a joyful addition to any garden. Our top picks are crab apple and cherry trees, which offer a spring spectacle, are wildlife friendly and have wonderful autumn colours later in the year.

Crab Apple Trees

Crab apple trees are known for their pretty blossoms and vibrant fruit displays. These trees not only provide a burst of colour in spring but the small, colourful fruits attract birds and add interest to your garden throughout the year.

MALUS ‘Evereste’

A small compact tree with white flowers in spring and masses of red-orange fruits in autumn.

A tough tree, disease resistant and pollution tolerant. It’s a crab apple tree for any small garden, giving an attractive display all year round. Mature height: 3-7m


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry trees are known for their profusion of flowers. Whether you have a compact urban space or a lovely family garden, our selection ensures you can find the perfect cherry tree to enhance your landscape. The delicate pink or white blooms create a picturesque scene that captures the essence of spring.

PRUNUS cerasifera Nigra

This Cherry Plum tree is early to bloom, and the single pink flowers remain on the tree as the dark foliage emerges, gradually fading to white and contrasting well with the deep blackish-purple leaves.

Tolerates very severe pruning, making it easy to maintain and a perfect tree for small gardens. Mature height: 3-7m

PRUNUS serrulata kanzan

This beautiful cherry gives a display of glorious pink flowers each spring, with red foliage turning coppery-yellow in the autumn.  A good tree for adding colour to gardens, where space allows. Mature height: 7-12m

PRUNUS serrulata shirotae

A gently weeping cherry tree whose green foliage often appears first, followed by a profuse display of  large single and semi-double white flowers. This attractive ornamental flowering cherry tree looks stunning when planted as a focal point. Mature height: 3-7m

PRUNUS serrulata ‘shirofugen’

This tree is one of the last cherries to produce its show of double white flowers, which gradually turn pink, and holds on to them into late May or early June.  This tree is often considered to be the best Japanese flowering cherry tree available. Mature height: 3-7m

PRUNUS subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea

A Winter flowering cherry which blooms from November through to March with semi-double pink flowers. A great tree to add some colour during the winter months. Mature height: 3-7m


Plant Now to Enjoy This Spring

Now, as winter gives way to spring, is the perfect time to plant these trees. Planting now means you will be able to enjoy the flowering trees this year, as well as in subsequent years.

Investing in blossom trees, like crab apple and cherry, will add beauty to your garden which will be transformed into a vibrant, blooming paradise.

Our expertise extends beyond supplying trees, we can also plant and offer care and maintenance advice to ensure your blossom trees thrive in their new home.


How to find out More

If you like to find out more about our range of deciduous trees, you can:

  • Book a visit to our nursery in Iver, Buckingham to view our trees and hedges
  • Call 01753 652022 to speak to our horticultural team
  • Email us for a bespoke quotation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Christmas Hours

Seasonal Opening Hours Winter 2023/4

As the year draws to a close, we hope that you are able to enjoy the winter festivities and look forward to the New Year.

We will be closed from noon Friday 22 December 2023 and re-open in on Tuesday 2nd January 2022.

There is plenty of information to browse on our website, from instant hedges and trees to the news blog with our pick of screening trees, RHS Showsbest hedges for homes and even videos about Practical Instant Hedge and Practicality Brown!

Did you know that you are welcome to visit our nursery in Iver to view our screening trees and see our hedges. Why not plan your visit for 2024 – we look forward to working with you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from everyone at Practicality Brown.


Osmanthus Instant Hedge
Instant Hedge In Focus: Hedges for Small Gardens

Choosing the Perfect Hedge for Your Small Garden

In the world of gardening, hedges are the unsung heroes of landscape design, offering a blend of functionality and beauty. For those with smaller gardens, selecting the right hedge can be challenging but fortunately, there are several species of our Practical Instant Hedge™ that could be the perfect choice for your small garden, whether its the classic charm of Holly, the sweet fragrance of Osmanthus, or the timeless Yew.

Our pre-formed, top-quality Practical Instant Hedge™ range is produced in specially designed hedging bags and supplied in pieces that are 1m long by 40 – 50cm deep. When replanted into your garden, these evergreen instant hedges will give instant maturity, and require minimal maintenance.

Osmanthus Instant Hedge


Holly, with its glossy, spiky leaves and vibrant red berries, adds a touch of traditional charm to any garden. Their dense growth habit creates a natural privacy screen, and the presence of both male and female plants ensures the iconic bright berries during the winter months. Practical Instant Hedge™ is available as English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) and Blue Holly (Ilex meserveae). Both hedges are relatively low maintenance, requiring only occasional pruning to maintain their shape and density.  It’s also very hardy, resistant to pests and diseases, and can tolerate a variety of soil conditions.


Osmanthus hedges are our favourite choice for fragrance. Known for their small, white flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring, Osmanthus hedges infuse the garden with a sweet, apricot-like aroma. Practical Instant Hedge™ (Osmanthus burkwoodii) is a compact evergreen, making them well-suited for small spaces. These hedges require moderate pruning to maintain their shape and promote bushier growth with more flowers the following season. Their versatility extends to both sunny and partially shaded locations.


Yew hedges have adorned gardens for centuries, standing as a symbol of enduring beauty. Known for their dark green, needle-like foliage, Yews provide an evergreen backdrop throughout the seasons. Their slow growth rate makes them ideal for small gardens, allowing for easy maintenance and shaping. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Yews also have a remarkable tolerance for different soil conditions and are shade-tolerant, making them a versatile choice for various garden settings. Practical Instant Yew Hedging is available in various heights.

In the world of small gardens, the right hedge can transform a confined space into a verdant sanctuary. They are easy to manage and enhance any environment with their natural charm; whether you opt for the enduring elegance of Yew, the traditional charm of Holly, or the fragrant blooms of Osmanthus, each species brings its unique character to your outdoor space.

Osmanthus Instant Hedge


Blue Holly Instant Hedge

Blue Holly

Holly leaf and berry

English Holly

Yew Instant Hedge


How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Book a visit to our nursery in Iver, Buckingham to view our hedges and trees
  • Call 01753 652022 to speak to our horticultural team
  • Email with your requirements (such as hedge length and size, species, and your location) and we can provide you with a bespoke quote.
Instant Hedge In Focus: New Hedges

New Practical Instant Hedge™ ranges

We are proud to introduce two new evergreens to our Practical Instant Hedge™ range:

  • Ilex meserveae Blue Maid/ Prince or Blue Holly
  • Osmanthus burkwoodii or Burkwood osmanthus

Blue Holly

Ilex meserveae Blue Maid/ Prince has dense, lustrous, blue-green, spiny leaves from purple stems and tiny, white flowers are produced in spring. These cultivars are some of the best blue hollies available. Our Practical Instant Hedge™ has a mix of Blue Maid and Blue Prince to ensure the delightful profusion of bright red berries in autumn and winter. Late summer pruning will reveal dark purplish-green stems, which add to the ornamental effect.



Burkwood osmanthus

Osmanthus Instant Hedge growing in hedge bags in Iver

Burkwood osmanthus is a dense, slow-growing, evergreen. The glossy, finely toothed, dark green leaves beautifully offset by highly scented, jasmine like, white flowers in mid and late spring. If pruned after flowering, it will increase the blooms for the following year.


The addition of these attractive new instant hedges brings our range of evergreens to a dozen species, with 5 deciduous to complete our offering. There really is a Practical Instant Hedge™ for all gardens.

The Practical Instant Hedge™ Difference

  • Densely pre-planted and ready-grown to 30 – 40cm wide and up to 2m high, species dependent
  • Grown in 1m long pieces and supplied specially designed hedge bags
  • Easy to handle and plant
  • Can be planted all year round
  • All stock is carefully maintained, irrigated, and treated with controlled release nutrients to optimise health
  • Available in any lengths, and can be bent to almost any shape
  • Supplied on standard 1m x 1.2m pallets
  • Prices vary according to species, height, quantity, and planting logistics
  • Available direct on a supply only or supply and plant basis throughout the UK by the metre
  • Recommended automatic irrigation systems can be installed at the same time as planting

How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Book a visit to our nursery in Iver, Buckingham to view our hedges and trees
  • Call 01753 652022 to speak to our horticultural team
  • Email with your requirements (such as hedge length and size, species, and your location) and we can provide you with a quote within a few days.

Did you Know – We offer our Instant Hedge as both supply only, or supply and plant as well.

Best Hedges for Homes

How to choose the best hedge for your home

If you are thinking about using hedging in your garden, you may want to consider buying a pre-grown instant hedge, whether its evergreen instant hedging for privacy screening or the seasonal interest of a mature deciduous hedge.


Which Hedge?

Practical Instant Hedge™ is available in various species and sizes, up to 2m high, so how will you choose which one is best for your garden? The first choice is whether you would like one that is evergreen or one that is deciduous:


Evergreen hedges maintain their foliage throughout the year.

This provides screening, privacy and shelter all year round. Despite their name, an evergreen hedge isn’t just one colour. It comes in many different varieties to suit your individual taste. If you like bright colours, then the apple green leaves of Griselinia could be your favourite. If shiny leaves are more your thing, then its Common Laurel. For classic elegance, nothing can really beat the traditional Yew. Or if subtle greys are what your garden needs, then Elaeagnus would be perfect.

 Deciduous hedges tend to shed their leaves in the winter.

They offer year-round seasonal interest from flowers, coloured foliage, or autumn fruits. Hawthorn, for example, has an abundant display of white scented early spring blossom, and red haws in the autumn. Both Beech (Green and Purple) and Hornbeam have wonderful autumn bursts of coloured foliage, and Beech retains most of its leaves through the winter too. Native Mix hedging replicates the traditional country hedgerows found across Britain and local wildlife will be attracted by the food and shelter opportunities.

There are many more varieties of Practical Instant Hedge that will help make your garden your perfect outdoor space, and you can plant it all year round!

Book a visit our nursery in Iver, Bucks or to talk to our Horticultural team on 01753 652022 to find out more.


RHS Hampton Court 2023

RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023

Every year, top garden designers choose Practicality Brown’s hedges and trees as an integral part of their show garden, forming an important green backdrop or as part of the structure within the design itself.

This year we exhibited at Hampton Court ourselves, with a trade stand and garden installation showcasing Practical Instant Hedge™ and evergreen screening trees. The clever design incorporated both, “Playing with Shapes” used a selection of instant hedges and trees from the nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire together with the stunning “Diana, The Huntress” sculpture by David William-Ellis.

In addition to exhibiting ourselves, our Practical Instant Hedge™ featured on three different gardens at this prestigious show.

Explore Charleston – Welcome To Charleston

Show Garden designed by Sadie May Stowell – Silver Gilt medal winner

The garden provided visitors with a glimpse of the historic courtyard gardens of Charleston, South Carolina, capturing their spirit, charm and elegance.  The planting colour scheme is blue, pink, and white and showcases a number of hardy exotic plants. Practical Yew Instant Hedging gives the design a classical formal backdrop.


RHS Wildlife Garden

Feature Garden designed by Jo Thompson

The garden represented an urban corridor reclaimed by nature, showing how wildlife can thrive in what are often thought of as unexpected or forgotten places. Re-framing the idea of re-wilding, this garden observed nature and took inspiration from it, whilst maintaining the balance of plants for biodiversity through light intervention. Practical Instant Native Mix Hedging was perfect for this design.


The Inghams Working with Nature Garden

Get Started Garden designed by Butler and Parker – Silver medal winner

The garden was inspired by summer holidays, using natural stone for tracks and seating.
The planting had a natural feel that aims to handle future UK climates, such as temporary periods of flooding as well as dry periods. The planting palette was inspired by woodland and lower valley glades, with Practical Instant Hornbeam Hedging providing the backdrop.


Come and visit our nursery in Iver, Bucks and talk to our Horticultural team about your own garden. Call us on 01753 652022. You can also email us at  Or visit our website:


We Can Move Trees

Relocating Mature Trees

We can move trees! We have the expertise and specialised equipment to transplant large trees.  We undertake tree moving on a regular basis for private and commercial organisations throughout the UK.

Tree Transplanting Service

We specialise in moving medium sized trees 30-50cm girth for parks, private estates and landowners, golf and sports clubs.  This service is also invaluable for Landscape Contractors, as it enable them to extend their own range of capabilities.

Moving Trees

Practicality Brown have over 30 years’ experience in tree transplanting and have purpose-built Tree Spade machines, including an Optimal 1100 mounted on a Kramer 520 Compact Loader and a Big John 1.6m 4×4 Truck-Mounted Tree spade.

Machines can be supplied with ‘flotation tyres’ for work on sensitive ground, are operated by experienced, trained operators and backed up by a skilled planting team, if needed, for securing the trees or assisting with planting.

We specialise in moving medium sized trees 30-50cm girth for parks, private estates and landowners, golf and sports clubs.  This service is also invaluable for Landscape Contractors to extend their own range of capabilities.

Why Use A Specialist To Move Trees?

As a specialist tree moving company, we have the right experience, expertise and machinery. Our purpose-built tree spade machines are designed to efficiently hold the tree rootball together during the transplanting process, which is vital for successful tree relocation.

Why is Tree Transplanting in demand?

We have seen an increased demand for moving trees recently. There may be a number of reasons why trees may need to be moved, including:

  • The increased restrictions on importing particular tree species from Europe, due to stricter pest and disease controls
  • Economic impact of Brexit and Covid-induced lockdown, with increased tree purchase, higher transport and labour costs
  • Limited availability from UK nurseries, due to increased demand for home grown trees
  • Increased desire to plant more trees to capture carbon and to repurpose tree plantations that need thinning out
  • Increased demand for carbon reduction, meaning that it is more ethical to move trees a few hundred metres rather than hundreds of miles

Tree Transplanting Service

Practicality Brown can offer two different tree spades according to tree size, which are available on a price per tree or day work rates. Please contact us for a quote.


Photinia red robin screening tree, full blooms, which makes a striking contrast against the dark green foliage
Best Trees for Privacy

Discover the Best Trees for Privacy at Practicality Brown

When it comes to creating privacy in your garden, there are few options as effective as screening trees and pleached trees. These tall, dense, trees provide a natural barrier that blocks out unwanted views and reduce noise, while also adding beauty and interest to your landscape. For those in the market for screening or pleached trees, Practicality Brown’s tree and hedge nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire is the ideal destination.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality trees and hedges, and our nursery boasts over 800 carefully tended trees and 15,000m of Instant Hedging.

Screening Trees

We currently have a fine selection of screening trees that are ideal for creating privacy in your garden. There is a wide selection of evergreen screening trees, including Holly, Photinia, Magnolia, Loquat, Viburnum and Privet. Each tree is carefully selected and grown to the highest standards, ensuring that you get the best possible quality.

Pleached Trees

In addition to screening trees, Practicality Brown also offers a selection of pleached trees. These are trees that have been trained and pruned to grow in a narrow, flat shape, with a clear stem and a dense canopy of foliage. Pleached trees are an excellent option for creating privacy in smaller gardens, as they take up less space than traditional screening trees. They’re also great for adding structure and interest to your garden, as they can be used to create avenues, or to define outdoor rooms. Practicality Brown offers a range of pleached trees, including Magnolia, Holly, Photinia and Laurel, all of which are available in a range of sizes.

Book a Visit

Book a visit to our tree and hedge nursery, where our staff will guide you through the selection process and help you choose the perfect screening or pleached trees for your garden. Before visiting the nursery, it’s a good idea to make a list of your requirements; consider the size of your garden, the level of privacy you need, and the amount of light your garden receives. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing your trees.

With our selection of trees, expert advice, and commitment to quality, you’re sure to find the perfect trees to create privacy and beauty in your garden.

Contact Us

Email us for a bespoke quotation – we offer trees on a supply and deliver as well as supply, deliver and plant basis.