Best Pleached Trees

Our Top Evergreen Pleached Trees

If your garden needs effective screening or simply to improve privacy without reducing the living space then a pleached tree may well be the answer. We have the following evergreen pleached trees in stock at our nursery in Iver, Bucks:

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Ilex aquifolium ‘Nellie R Stevens’ (Holly)

Ideal for screening due to its symmetrical habit, density and lack of pruning requirements. The glossy green leaves are smooth rather than spikey. The autumn berries provide colour and food for birds. Grows well in well-drained soil, is drought tolerant, needs partial sun.




Magnolia grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’

With large dark green leaves, this evergreen produces beautiful, large, white flowers in the summer, which can be up to 25 cm in diameter. As well as decorating this stunning tree, they also create a sweet-citrus smelling aroma, and makes a stunning pleached tree. Magnolia grows well in most soils, but it must be sheltered and not north-facing.




Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’

This is a versatile evergreen, that has vibrant red new shoots in spring, which contrast with the white blossom – unusual in an evergreen.  The bright new leaves change to a deep, glossy green as they mature. This tree is a colourful pleached tree.




Prunus laurocerasus ‘Novita’ (Cherry Laurel)

This is a popular tree, with an upright and bushy habit which is perfect year-round screening in its pleached form.  Its large leaves are elliptical, shiny and bright green and have small, sweet-smelling, white flowers, which grow in vertical racemes, followed by small, cherry-like fruit.




Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet)

A compact, small sized evergreen tree with camellia-like olive-green leaves that looks attractive in pleached form. It bears large clusters of white flowers in late summer. A tough performing species that will thrive on most soils, but avoid waterlogged areas




What is a pleached tree?

Pleached trees can create effective screening or simply to improve privacy in your garden, without taking up very much space due to their slim canopy.  Pleached trees are created by training trees to a square frame, tying in and interlacing flexible young shoots along a supporting framework, creating an attractive slender tree. The frames vary in size and can be wooden, bamboo or metal. The clear stem of the tree is usually 1.8/2m high but can vary. The frame is usually 1.2m wide and 1m high but we do have various sizes in stock.

Contact to us about your requirements for screening or privacy in your garden; we can supply and plant many types of attractive trees .