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Evergreen Trees for Screening

We have top quality evergreen screening trees in our tree nursery in Iver, Bucks. These large trees are perfect for creating privacy in your garden.

Ready Now & Looking Good

These trees are looking good and are ready to plant in your garden now.
We can supply, deliver and plant these trees for you. Please ask for a quote.

Please note that the prices below are for each tree, excluding VAT and are ex nursery, Iver.


Holly (Ilex Nellie R. Stevens) 16/18cm girth £951
Chestnut Leaved Holly (Ilex Castaneifolia) 12/14cm girth £452
Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonicum) 14/16cm girth £662
Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Gallisoniensis’ 10/12cm girth £645
Prunus laurocerasus Novita (Cherry Laurel) 20/25cm girth £815

Special Offer

A 20% discount will be applied to ex VAT orders of trees worth a total of £3000 or more.

The discount applies to the tree stock value of the order only, not to delivery and planting etc.

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Please email trees@pracbrown.co.uk or call 01753 652022 for more information.



Ilex aquifolium Nellie R Stevens (Holly Nellie R Stevens)

Ideal for screening due to its symmetrical habit, density and lack of pruning requirements. The glossy green leaves are smooth rather than spikey. The autumn berries provide colour and food for birds. Grows well in well-drained soil, is drought tolerant, needs sun-partial sun.

Ilex castaneifolia (Sweet Chestnut Holly)

This tree has a distinctively pyramidal shaped crown, with large, thick green leaves which are marginally spiky at the edges. Like many other Hollies, this tree is tolerant of shade and will thrive on most soils, providing they are well drained.

Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet)

A compact, small sized evergreen tree with camellia-like olive-green leaves. It bears large clusters of white flowers in late summer. A tough performing species that will thrive on most soils, but avoid waterlogged areas.

Magnolia grandiflora Gallisoniensis

With large dark green leaves, this evergreen produces beautiful, large, white flowers in the summer, which can be up to 25 cm in diameter. As well as decorating this stunning tree they also create a sweet-citrus smelling aroma. Grows well in most soils, must be sheltered and not north-facing.

Prunus laurocerasus Novita (Cherry Laurel)

With its dense, dark leaves, the Novita is useful as screening tree. It also makes a fine stand-alone tree, growing with an upright, broad habit. It has fresh green leaves on foliation, which get darker and glossier with age. In May, mature trees produce a display of white blossom, which grow on upright racemes.