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The Secret of a Good Garden

What springs to mind when you think of how you’d like your garden to look? Lush expansive greenery or clear simple lines? An array of beautifully vivid wild contrasting colours or your favourite simple colour theme in a variety of subtle hues. Natural, wild foliage or tightly trimmed and clipped geometrical patterns? We all have our own idea of what makes a great garden.

Whether it’s the view from your window as spring bursts into life, or creating the perfect place to relax and entertain outdoors as the weather turns warmer, if you have structure to your garden it will be much easier to create the look and feel that you’re aiming for, and hedges are the ideal natural way to do this. They are extremely versatile and even popular well known gardeners have been known to say that they are the secret of every good garden.

Hedges have multiple benefits and having grown and supplied mature instant hedging to garden designers, landscapers and private clients, for over 20 years, we know they are also quite unique. The secret to a good garden is that structure is the foundation from which everything else should be planned. A hedge naturally establishes structure, creating a framework that will convey a sense of scale. While many hedgerows may have been growing for hundreds of years, Practical Instant Hedge™  can create full hedging structures instantly.

Creating structure

Boundaries and Partitions
Hedges make some of the best boundaries and dividers. Using hedging to separate your garden into ‘rooms’ or areas is a good option, as they can channel or block views. Low hedges can act as physical barriers to without blocking views, while taller hedges create an outline and can also provide a backdrop for focal points.

Backdrop and Colour
Instant hedging provides a lush green backdrop for other planting. Depending on how the light falls you will see the colour and texture change as well as attractive shadow play. It’s the perfect way to show off your flowering plants that are bursting into bloom in spring, and of course evergreen varieties will even make the view less bare and colourless in winter.

Shelter and Protection
Hedges give your garden more shelter and protection because the wind is broken up by the hedging. With a fence or wall, the wind whistles over the top and can land on the other side with some force, leaving delicate flowering plants or sheltered seating areas exposed to the elements.

Punctuation, Contrast and Framing
Just as commas break up a sentence, gardens need their punctuation points too. Lavish borders need a little geometry to give them structure and instant hedges are ideal for creating this as well as providing contrast for wilder plantings. You also showcase large features or sculptures by using instant hedging as a frame.

We have grown our own range of instant hedges to ensure they are easy to handle and plant all year round, meaning you can add instant structure to any garden. Practical Instant Hedge™  enables you to create the garden you want during the spring and summer months when you can enjoy the benefits immediately without having to wait for the right time to plant.

If you would like to know more about the range of species available and what makes our Practical Instant Hedge special, visit our webpage here, or simply email us

Practical Instant Hedge growing in Iver
It’s The Perfect Time Of Year To Plant Hedges

Now is the perfect time to plant hedges

Traditionally, the best time to plant hedges is during the autumn/winter – this applies to both evergreen and deciduous hedging plants.

Our Practical Instant Hedge™ has been produced to ensure that it is easy to handle and plant all year round, with no transplant shock. We have designed this instant hedging range to give you plenty of choice, depending on your garden style, local soil and weather conditions. It’s also ideal for use as a partition or screening to divide your garden into sections. All of this means, any time of year is  the perfect time to plant Practical Instant Hedge™.


How to Plant an Instant Hedge

Planting and caring for a new instant hedge is very similar to that for any new tree or shrub. Good soil preparation beforehand will give your hedge the best start in life.

We can supply you, or your gardener with an installation guide. This outlines trench preparation, handling, planting and back filling. All of the hedging in our Practical Instant Hedge™ range comes in bespoke trough bags, developed to enable easy handling during the planting process.

We will supply you with a maintenance guide for aftercare to help ensure the instant hedge establishes well in your garden. We do recommend the use of a simple irrigation system, which will help the hedging plants establish themselves in their new permanent location.

And of course, one of the beauties of our Practical Instant Hedge™ is that we have taken to the time to grow a large product, so you can appreciate the mature effect, in an instant!

Why not take a look at our range of instant hedge on our website now, and plan your garden improvements.

To help you choose, we have a Hedge Selecting Guide, which give details of the different species available. And if you would like further guidance, simply email us


Elaeagnus leaf detail evergreen instant hedge
Instant Hedge In Focus: Elaeagnus

Instant Hedge In Focus: Elaeagnus

Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta, also known as Oleaster, makes a wonderful evergreen instant hedge.

Elaeagnus instant hedge is great for coastal locations

Elaeagnus leaf detail

Top 5 features of Elaeagnus

  1. Attractive silver green foliage
  2. Tolerant of maritime exposure and windy conditions
  3. Thrives in all but the coldest or waterlogged locations
  4. Fragrant flowers and attractive fruits
  5. Easy to care for, prune once a year

Why choose Elaeagnus Instant Hedge?

Oleaster has very attractive leathery leaves that are metallic grey-green above and silver underneath. This mix of colours gives a silver shimmering effect when the leaves of an Elaeagnus hedge flutter in the wind. Newly emerging leaves are almost entirely silver, adding to the sparkly appearance.

Elaeagnus Instant Hedge is a robust hedging plant that is very tolerant of site conditions, except those that become waterlogged. It prefers a well-drained soil although it can grow in very poor soils. It is also very drought resistant and will succeed in dry soils. This versatile plant is as happy in full sun as it is in deep shade.

This hedging plant is one of those species that is extremely resistant to maritime exposure and salt-laden winds. It can grow right next to the sea and in such a position would give very good wind protection. The plants are fairly hardy in temperate areas, and although they are not best suited for the coldest, harshest of winters, they can be seen at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in Scotland.

Another attractive feature of Elaeagnus Ebbingei  is how it flowers and produces fruit. Exquisitely scented tiny bell-shaped, silvery flowers appear in clusters during October and November. The flowers then ripen into fruits in spring, which are red with a very attractive silver marbling effect. Known as Wild Olives these are edible when fully ripe and are popular in south-eastern Europe.

Elaeagnus Ebbingei is excellent for creating a dense evergreen screen with seasonal interest anywhere but has particular value in coastal or windy areas.

Elaeagnus Practical Instant Hedge Currently is available in heights of 1.6-1.8m and 1.8m high.

Click here to  if you would like a quote for this instant hedge.

Mature hedging growing at our hedge nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire








SpeciesLatinFoliagePruningAnnual GrowthAspectSoil preferencePHLeaves
OleasterElaeagnus ebbingei CompactaEvergreenOnce in July or AugustFast 40-60cmAll – excellent for coastal areasAll well drainedAcidic to slightly alkalineSilvery Green

How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Explore our website for more details, including current size availability
  • We offer supply only, or supply and installation
  • Call us on 01753 652022 and speak to our horticultural team
  • Email us on with your requirements (including size and length of hedge, your location and whether you would like a price for installation) and we will return a quote within 2 working days.
Griselinia growing at Iver
Top 5 Hedges for Screening & Privacy

Top 5 Hedges for Screening & Privacy

What are the best hedges to provide screening and privacy in your garden?

When looking for hedging to provide screening in your garden, the best solution is to plant mature hedging to give you instant privacy.  Buying pre-grown hedges, such as our Practical Instant Hedge™ ensures that you have a solution to create a private, secure garden for you to enjoy.

You could plant individual plants, but you will need to wait for them to grow into a hedge. The best hedges to provide screening and privacy are those that are ready grown for that purpose, and in particular, evergreen instant hedge.

Which Instant Hedge is best for screening and privacy?

There are many garden hedges, and many are suitable for specific issues or requirements.  Deciduous hedges offer season interest, from spring blossom to autumn fruits, however due to the annual leaf drop, they may not be suitable for year-round screening.

The best hedging to provide great screening for the whole of the year are evergreen, and they will give an attractive backdrop in your garden. Evergreen hedges are the best for screening and privacy.

Why use Evergreen Instant Hedges

Evergreen Instant Hedges are attractive hedges and give an immediate privacy screen.  Our Practical Instant Hedge™ is grown in nine varieties at our hedge nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire.  Our production method that ensures this mature hedge is easy to handle, as it is pre-grown in 1m troughs at our nursery which means it can be planted all year round with no worry about “transplant” shock.

Our Top 5 Evergreen Instant Hedges

From our range of 9 evergreen Practical Instant Hedges, these are our pick of the top five hedges that are ideal for screening:

Common Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’)

Laurel Leaf detail

Common Laurel (or Cherry Laurel) makes a bright, dense evergreen hedge. It’s shiny lime green leaves are thick and leathery, making it a good choice for noise reduction, for example, from a busy road. Common Laurel Instant Hedge will thrive in most soils, including clay, but it dislikes (shallow) chalk.

Yew (Taxus baccata)

Yew leaf detail

Practical Yew Instant Hedge is a very popular choice, a timeless classic that is at home in any garden style from formal traditional to elegant contemporary. The dark-green, conifer foliage is easy to maintain and trim. Yew hedges are perfect choice for dense, mature evergreen hedging.

Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica ‘Angustifolia’)

Portuguese laurel leaf

Practical Portuguese Laurel Instant Hedge will work well in any garden setting. The dark green leaves are neat and attractive, giving this evergreen hedge an attractive compact and refined appearance.  Portuguese Laurel hedging likes most soils including clay and shallow chalk.

Broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis)

Griselinia Evergreen Instant Hedge

Practical Griselinia Instant Hedge™ (as known as Broadleaf) makes a wonderful evergreen instant hedge with its attractive light apple-green leathery leaves. Griselinia hedging is excellent for coastal locations as it is particularly tolerant of salt laden winds, ‘littoralis’ translates as ‘growing by the sea’.

Oleaster (Elaeagnus ebbingei  ‘Compacta’)

Elaeagnus Instant Hedge leaf detail

Elaeagnus ebbingei ‘Compacta’ is a robust hedging plant with tough silvery grey leaves that are frost, wind and salt resistant. Also known as Oleaster, this Instant Hedge. is excellent for creating a dense evergreen screen anywhere but has particular value in coastal areas.

Why Plant Practical Instant Hedge™?

  • Create an attractive backdrop for your garden project.
  • Provides highly effective screening for privacy and security.
  • Give your garden more shelter for your garden and filter pollution such as dirt and noise
  • Hedges are more cost effective and weather resistant than fence or brickwork
  • Help protect birds and wildlife by creating a natural habitat
  • Enhance or section off parts of your property for sale.


How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Explore our website for more details, including current size availability
  • We offer supply only, or supply and installation
  • Call us on 01753 652022 and speak to our horticultural team
  • Email us on hedge@ with your requirements (including size and length of hedge, your location and whether you would like a price for installation) and we will return a quote within 2 working days.


Evergreen Instant Hedges are the best for screening and privacy in your garden