Best Hedges for Homes

How to choose the best hedge for your home

If you are thinking about using hedging in your garden, you may want to consider buying a pre-grown instant hedge, whether its evergreen instant hedging for privacy screening or the seasonal interest of a mature deciduous hedge.


Which Hedge?

Practical Instant Hedge™ is available in various species and sizes, up to 2m high, so how will you choose which one is best for your garden? The first choice is whether you would like one that is evergreen or one that is deciduous:


Evergreen hedges maintain their foliage throughout the year.

This provides screening, privacy and shelter all year round. Despite their name, an evergreen hedge isn’t just one colour. It comes in many different varieties to suit your individual taste. If you like bright colours, then the apple green leaves of Griselinia could be your favourite. If shiny leaves are more your thing, then its Common Laurel. For classic elegance, nothing can really beat the traditional Yew. Or if subtle greys are what your garden needs, then Elaeagnus would be perfect.

 Deciduous hedges tend to shed their leaves in the winter.

They offer year-round seasonal interest from flowers, coloured foliage, or autumn fruits. Hawthorn, for example, has an abundant display of white scented early spring blossom, and red haws in the autumn. Both Beech (Green and Purple) and Hornbeam have wonderful autumn bursts of coloured foliage, and Beech retains most of its leaves through the winter too. Native Mix hedging replicates the traditional country hedgerows found across Britain and local wildlife will be attracted by the food and shelter opportunities.

There are many more varieties of Practical Instant Hedge that will help make your garden your perfect outdoor space, and you can plant it all year round!

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