Instant Hedge In Focus: New Hedges

New Practical Instant Hedge™ ranges

We are proud to introduce two new evergreens to our Practical Instant Hedge™ range:

  • Ilex meserveae Blue Maid/ Prince or Blue Holly
  • Osmanthus burkwoodii or Burkwood osmanthus

Blue Holly

Ilex meserveae Blue Maid/ Prince has dense, lustrous, blue-green, spiny leaves from purple stems and tiny, white flowers are produced in spring. These cultivars are some of the best blue hollies available. Our Practical Instant Hedge™ has a mix of Blue Maid and Blue Prince to ensure the delightful profusion of bright red berries in autumn and winter. Late summer pruning will reveal dark purplish-green stems, which add to the ornamental effect.



Burkwood osmanthus

Osmanthus Instant Hedge growing in hedge bags in Iver

Burkwood osmanthus is a dense, slow-growing, evergreen. The glossy, finely toothed, dark green leaves beautifully offset by highly scented, jasmine like, white flowers in mid and late spring. If pruned after flowering, it will increase the blooms for the following year.


The addition of these attractive new instant hedges brings our range of evergreens to a dozen species, with 5 deciduous to complete our offering. There really is a Practical Instant Hedge™ for all gardens.

The Practical Instant Hedge™ Difference

  • Densely pre-planted and ready-grown to 30 – 40cm wide and up to 2m high, species dependent
  • Grown in 1m long pieces and supplied specially designed hedge bags
  • Easy to handle and plant
  • Can be planted all year round
  • All stock is carefully maintained, irrigated, and treated with controlled release nutrients to optimise health
  • Available in any lengths, and can be bent to almost any shape
  • Supplied on standard 1m x 1.2m pallets
  • Prices vary according to species, height, quantity, and planting logistics
  • Available direct on a supply only or supply and plant basis throughout the UK by the metre
  • Recommended automatic irrigation systems can be installed at the same time as planting

How to order Practical Instant Hedge™

If you like to find out more about our comprehensive range of evergreen and deciduous Practical Instant Hedges, you can:

  • Book a visit to our nursery in Iver, Buckingham to view our hedges and trees
  • Call 01753 652022 to speak to our horticultural team
  • Email with your requirements (such as hedge length and size, species, and your location) and we can provide you with a quote within a few days.

Did you Know – We offer our Instant Hedge as both supply only, or supply and plant as well.