Environmental Contracting
Environmental Clearance – Review

Our team of experienced operatives and fleet of specialist machine has been busy throughout the year with environmental contracting works in large infrastructure projects, forestry and woodland translocation…

2020 Review

  • 3000+ machine hours worked translocating over 10,000m3 ancient woodlands
  • 2500+ machine hours on new ecologically sensitive Prinoth 13t tracked dumpers
  • 12000+ hours with tree shears & mulchers
  • 100,000+ man hours worked with No RIDDORs
  • £1 Million+ invested in new equipment
  • 4,000+ hours completed on canal side ecological mitigation works incl. 24/7 water rescue teams
  • 20,000 m3 + hardwood chip re purposed into premium biomass wood chip
  • 5,000+ tonnes timber produced for the sawmill and firewood market
  • Multiple sites inspected and controlled for Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)
  • 3 ecology mitigation ponds created
  • Creation of more than 150 Deadwood habitats
  • 400% increase in Midlands area business, 2 year after PBL acquisition of Midland Tree Surgeons

Machinery Fleet

We pride ourselves on having the right tool for the job, and have made some new purchases:

New machines

  • Axsel AX10045 Chipper with 1m infeed
  • Fendt 942 Tractor
  • Dymax HPX Tree Shear – first with 16” x 180° hydraulic rotator
  • Sampo Forwarder
  • CAT High FlowEexcavator
  • Rotating Dumper 13t

Project Works

We have undertaken our usual range of diverse projects, each of which requires a bespoke approach. Our rigorous methods ensure that we meet all the latest compliance standards.

We have the right machinery, skills, experiences and capabilities to manage your Tree & Vegetation Clearance, whether its mechanised tree clearance, whole tree chipping, forestry mulching, woodland translocation, tree surgery, etc., all work is carried out with the most stringent compliance measures.

Email treeclearance@pracbrown.co.uk for more details.