Elaeagnus leaf detail evergreen instant hedge
Instant Hedge In Focus: Elaeagnus

Instant Hedge In Focus: Elaeagnus

Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta, also known as Oleaster, makes a wonderful evergreen instant hedge.

Elaeagnus instant hedge is great for coastal locations

Elaeagnus leaf detail

Top 5 features of Elaeagnus

  1. Attractive silver green foliage
  2. Tolerant of maritime exposure and windy conditions
  3. Thrives in all but the coldest or waterlogged locations
  4. Fragrant flowers and attractive fruits
  5. Easy to care for, prune once a year

Why choose Elaeagnus Instant Hedge?

Oleaster has very attractive leathery leaves that are metallic grey-green above and silver underneath. This mix of colours gives a silver shimmering effect when the leaves of an Elaeagnus hedge flutter in the wind. Newly emerging leaves are almost entirely silver, adding to the sparkly appearance.

Elaeagnus Instant Hedge is a robust hedging plant that is very tolerant of site conditions, except those that become waterlogged. It prefers a well-drained soil although it can grow in very poor soils. It is also very drought resistant and will succeed in dry soils. This versatile plant is as happy in full sun as it is in deep shade.

This hedging plant is one of those species that is extremely resistant to maritime exposure and salt-laden winds. It can grow right next to the sea and in such a position would give very good wind protection. The plants are fairly hardy in temperate areas, and although they are not best suited for the coldest, harshest of winters, they can be seen at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in Scotland.

Another attractive feature of Elaeagnus Ebbingei  is how it flowers and produces fruit. Exquisitely scented tiny bell-shaped, silvery flowers appear in clusters during October and November. The flowers then ripen into fruits in spring, which are red with a very attractive silver marbling effect. Known as Wild Olives these are edible when fully ripe and are popular in south-eastern Europe.

Elaeagnus Ebbingei is excellent for creating a dense evergreen screen with seasonal interest anywhere but has particular value in coastal or windy areas.

Elaeagnus Practical Instant Hedge Currently is available in heights of 1.6-1.8m and 1.8m high.

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Mature hedging growing at our hedge nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire








Species Latin Foliage Pruning Annual Growth Aspect Soil preference PH Leaves
Oleaster Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta Evergreen Once in July or August Fast 40-60cm All – excellent for coastal areas All well drained Acidic to slightly alkaline Silvery Green

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