Ilex aquifolium 'Nellie R Stevens' - Holly 'Nellie R Stevens' An evergreen holly with smooth rather than spikey leaves and bright red autumn berries
Our Top 23 Trees That Are Looking Good Now

Our Best Looking Trees

We select the best quality specimen and semi mature trees and then carefully nurture these at our Tree Nursery in Iver, Buckinghamshire. This means that you will have the best trees for your garden project.

Looking Good Now

The specific trees listed below are looking particularly fine at the moment, and are ready for planting now.

Arbutus unedo – Strawberry Tree
An attractive evergreen tree offering year-round interest with its flowers, fruit, leaves and bark.
Standard specimen, girth 10-12cm and currently 3m high Price £282

Betula utilis ‘Jacquemontii’ – West Himalayan Birch
An elegant deciduous birch tree with bright white bark that peels each year and dark green foliage that turn golden yellow in autumn. Multi-stemmed specimen is 5-5.5m height with a spread of 4m Price £278

Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’- Wedding Cake Tree
These deciduous trees grow in distinct layers with each new year of growth, and the creamy flowers hang in clusters from the tree. Standard tree 3.5-4m high Price  £1395

Cupressus leylandii – Leyland Cypress pleached
These pleached Leylandii are an effective evergreen screening choice for smaller spaces, but it must be regularly maintained and clipped to ensure they are contained for shape and space
Pleached tree 2.1m clear steam and 3-3.5m high Price £838

Elaeagnus ebbingei Vivelog – Oleaster
Highly regarded for its sweet fragrance and tiny bell-shaped white flowers in late summer, this evergreen tree also has small orange berries in the winter and variegated foliage
Standard tree is 3m high with 1.8m clear stem Price £414

Eriobotyra japonica – Loquat
This evergreen tree has a beautiful scent and produces white flowers that last from winter through to spring
Standard tree 1.9m clear stem and 18-20cm girth 3m high Price £838
Half standard with 1m clear stem and 18-20cm girth 2.5-3m high Price £469

Fagus sylvatica – Beech pleached
A popular native deciduous tree that retains its leaves throughout the winter months. The leaves are fresh green in the spring, turning golden in the autumn
Pleached trees have 1.6m clear stem, girth 30-32cm and height is 3-3.5m   Price £850

Ilex aquifolium ‘Nellie R Stevens’ – Holly ‘Nellie R Stevens’
An evergreen holly with smooth rather than spikey leaves and bright red autumn berries. We have these trees in both pleached and standard formats
Pleached 12-14cm girth 3.5m height Price £927
Standard 12-14 girth 3.5-4m height Price £476
Standard 14-16 girth 3.5-4m height Price £523

Ligustrum japonicum – Japanese Privet pleached
A compact, small evergreen tree with shining olive-green leaves and large panicles of white flowers in late summer.
This tree is available in various sizes:
Pleached 8-10cm girth Price £302
Pleached 10-12cm girth Price £662
Pleached 16-18cm girth Price £877
Standard 20-25 girth Price £670

Magnolia grandiflora Gallisoniensis- Magnolia Bullbay pleached
An evergreen with extravagant, fragrant white flowers. We have this stunning tree as pleached and clear stem standards.
Pleached tree 10-12cm girth Price £503
Pleached tree 14-16cm girth Price £938
Pleached tree 16-18cm girth Price £1139
Standard tree 14-16cm girth Price £772
Standard tree 20-25cm girth Price £1425

Pinus sylvestris – Scots Pine
A large native, long-lived evergreen tree with blue-green needles (when young) and attractive craggy bark.
Feathered tree 2-2.5m high and 2-2.5m spread Price £251

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Novita’ – Cherry Laurel
A popular evergreen screening tree with large shiny leaves.
Standard tree 14-16cm girth Price £497
Standard tree 16-18cm girth Price £596
Standard tree 18-20cm girth Price £729
Standard tree 20-25cm girth Price £828

Prunus lusitanica – Portuguese laurel
An attractive evergreen with slender leaves. It can produce small, white, sweet-smelling blossom.
Feathered 2.5-3m high Price £251

Taxus baccata – Yew
A native British evergreen conifer that is a fine specimen, it will need trimming to maintain its shape and desired size. We have two special specimens
Pleached 0.6m clear stem 0.7m wide 3.5m+ high Price £546
Cone Topiary Price £550

Thuja plicata ‘Excelsa’ – Western Red Cedar
A slender, fast growing evergreen tree with a conical shape. It can be left natural or pruned to create evergreen screening. We have these trees available as a column or in feathered formats
Column 3m+ Price £177
Feathered height 5-5.5m Price £451

Trachelospermum jasminoides – Star Jasmine on metal screen
An attractive self-twining evergreen climbing shrub with clusters of fragrant white star-shaped flowers in spring, early summer. Two screens of each height
1m wide by 1.5m high Price £268
1m wide by 2.2m high Price £603

Trachycarpus fortunei – Chusan palm
Hardy tropical evergreen palm with large fan-shaped leaves, Ideal for bringing an exotic flair to your garden.
Large specimen is over 6m high Price £850

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A 20% discount will be applied to ex VAT orders of trees worth a total of £3000 or more.
The discount applies to the tree stock value of the order only, not to delivery and planting etc.

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