Evergreen Trees

Recommended Evergreen Trees

What are evergreen trees?

Evergreen trees and shrubs keep their foliage all year round, in contrast to deciduous trees, which usually lose their leaves in autumn.

That makes evergreen trees particularly useful in gardens with the foliage and shape having a consistent look all year round. As well as ornamental appeal, this consistency makes evergreens particularly good as screening trees to create privacy in the garden. In addition, the evergreen foliage offers valuable shelter for birds and other wildlife in winter. Evergreen trees come in a range of sizes, and several are excellent trees for small gardens.


Tree sizes

We have a wide variety of semi-mature trees in a range of sizes:

  • Girth measurement of 18cm to 100cm i.e. measurement around the tree stem at 1m high, for clear stemmed trees
  • Heights of 2-12m for feathered evergreen trees


Top 5 best evergreen trees to plant in your garden


Magnolia grandiflora Gallisoniensis

Magnolia grandiflora Gallisoniensis or Bull Bay Magnolia produces beautiful, large, sweet citrus smelling white flowers in the summer, which can be up to 25 cm in diameter. At maturity this tree becomes broad with round headed, bushy habit which makes it brilliant for screening as well as an attractive feature.

Ideal Conditions: Grows well in most soils, must be sheltered and not north-facing.

Maximum Height: 15 metres


Ilex aquifolium Nellie R Stevens

Ilex aquifolium Nellie R Stevens (Holly Nellie R Stevens) has lustrous green glossy leaves are more smooth than spikey. Its  orange / red berries, which brighten up the garden as well as providing food and nesting for birds. It is ideal for screening due to its symmetrical habit, density and lack of pruning requirements.

Ideal Conditions: Grows well in well-drained soil, is drought tolerant, needs sun-partial sun

Maximum Height: 2-3 metres


Photinia Red Robin

Photinia fraseri Red Robin is a versatile evergreen suited to the UK environment; it makes a fine tree with a rounded growth habit which responds well to pruning.  The Red Robin’s stand out feature is the vibrant red new shoots in spring, which contrast with the white blossom – unusual in an evergreen.  The bright new leaves change to a deep, glossy green as they mature and are complemented with small round red berries in the summer. The RHS has given this tree an Award of Merit.

We sell the Photinia fraseri as a full feathered tree, as a standard clear-stem tree, in pleached form and as an instant hedge.

Ideal Conditions: Chalk-free, moist but well-drained soil, sunny to semi-shaded location

Maximum Height: 6 metres


Prunus laurocerasus Novita

With its dense, dark leaves, Prunus laurocerasus Novita (cherry laurel) is commonly planted as a screening, but is equally attractive as feature specimen tree. It grows in an upright, broad habit. Fresh green leaves emerge and get darker and glossier with age. In spring, mature trees produce a display of white blossom, which grow on upright racemes. The Leaves and fruit can be harmful if ingested, so be cautious when planting near livestock or children.

Ideal Conditions: Grows well in most soil

Maximum Height: 5 metres


Ligustrum japonicum

This Japanese privet is a compact, small sized evergreen tree with shining olive-green foliage.  Large clusters of white flower appear in late summer and are an attractive addition to this useful tree.

Ligustrum japonicum is an ideal tree for garden screening and is a tough performing species that will thrive on most soils, although it is best to avoid very water logged areas.

Ideal Conditions: Grows well in most soil

Maximum Height: 2-3 metres


Planting tips

Autumn is a great time to plant trees, giving them ample time to establish a good root system for strong branches and lush foliage in the following growing season.

To encourage roots to grow out in search of water and nutrients, prepare the soil thoroughly over a much larger area than just the planting hole – break up compaction at the base of the planting hole to allow deep rooting.

If you need assistance we can also plant the trees we supply.


More Information

If you would like to know what tree might be suitable for your garden, contact our Horticultural team who will be able to advise you.