Hampton Court Flower Show 2018

The RHS created a new category at Hampton Court Flower Show 2018; Lifestyle Gardens: real gardens for real people

The featured gardens were designed to resonate with different lifestyles and reflect the owner’s way of life and was perfect for visitors wanting ideas to take away for their garden at home.

The RHS, as part of their commitment to inspiring new talent and encouraging more young people to pursue a career in horticulture, invited four up-and-coming female designers from the next generation for their take on garden design.

Practicality Brown proudly supplied Practical Instant Hedge to three of the four gardens in the Lifestyle Garden category at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2018.

The Family Garden designed by Lilly GommPractical Instant Hedge for Lilly Gomm

The Family Garden: A garden to inspire young environmentalists

Silver Gilt medal winner

A relaxing space where insects thrive and children are immersed in nature. Intended for an environmentally-conscious family, the garden is a learning environment inspired by the enchanting and lasting impression a garden can have on children through play and discovery, instilling an awareness of our collective responsibility towards our natural surroundings.

We supplied Practical Instant Native Mix Hedge

The Health and Wellbeing Garden designed by Alexandra NoblePractical Instant Hedge for A Noble

The Health and Well-being Garden: A new look at medicinal plants.

Silver medal winner and People’s Choice Best Lifestyle/Conceptual/Changing World Garden

This garden’s scheme was to create “naturalistic, floaty, dreamlike” experience with masses of fragrance around a clever continuous path that takes its inspiration from both abstract art and meditative process. The aim of the garden is to slow one’s pace and mind and encourage a sense of being in the moment.

We supplied Practical Instant Griselinia Hedge

The Entertaining Garden designed by Anca PanaitPractical Instant Hedge for A Panait

The Entertaining Garden: Gin and botanicals

Silver medal winner

The garden celebrated gin, the nation’s most fashionable alcoholic drink, and its botanicals. Designed as an entertaining space for parties, it’s perfect for mingling with friends and exploring new botanical associations. Immersed within the planting, visitors are indulged with both the taste and aroma of the plants

We supplied Practical Instant Native Mix Hedge

Trade ExhibitionHedging Elements for Paul Richardson

We supplied elegant taxus hedge elements for Paul Richardson’s Steel Sculptures trade exhibition, which was awarded 5 Stars by the RHS

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