Return to RHS Flower Shows

RHS Flower Shows made a welcome return to the schedule in July 2021. First on the agenda was The Hampton Court Garden Festival which is the world’s largest flower show, set in the stunning grounds of the Historic Royal Palace in Richmond upon Thames.

Every year, talented garden designers choose our Instant Hedge as an integral part of their concept, forming an important green backdrop or as part of the structure within the design itself. At this year’s RHS Hampton Court Show, we provided quality products for two designers.

Message in a Bottle

Tracy Foster designed this Global Impact Garden for Canal & River Trust.

This conceptual garden represented a discarded bottle floating towards the shore. It’s not a depressing piece of pollution, rather, it has a bright and appealing garden growing inside it. Its message was simple; we can all take action to help prevent plastic pollution, in our own gardens, urban green spaces and around our canals and rivers. Surrounding the bottle was a sea of graceful flax plants that represent plants which are natural alternatives to plastic. We supplied individual shrubs as part of the bottle garden.

The Communication Garden

Amelia Bouquet’s Lifestyle Garden, in support of Mental Health UK, was a living, growing symbolic refuge.

The Communication Garden is a place to meet, talk, listen and to highlight the importance of face-to-face communication for our mental wellbeing. The rustic woodland and native trees provide a protective canopy. Topiary balls symbolise ordered, rigid thoughts. Other shrubs represent a mindset that is less inhibited and more relaxed and is reinforced with bursts of colour.

Practical Instant Native Mix Hedge was used as a backdrop to Amelia’s garden.

Both Garden Designers visited us to see the hedge growing in our nursery in Iver, Bucks and to select the exact specimen and height they want for their individual designs.

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