Tree and Hedge Projects

RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows

For many years now, Practicality Brown have supplied Instant Hedge, trees and topiary to a number of garden designers at the RHS Flower Shows in Chelsea, Hampton Court, Malvern Spring and Tatton Park.  Our products create mature looking gardens, which are essential for the designers and their skill is selecting the appropriate hedge for their concept. Whilst most of the visitors to the shows may not have noticed the presence of the hedge, they would certainly have noticed if it were missing.

Here are some photos of the more recent gardens we have contributed to.

2015 Chelsea

 image2.jpeg image3.jpeg image4.jpeg
Future Climate Info, A Trugmaker’s Garden – Serena Fremantle and Tina Vallis – Gold Medal (Hawthorn) image5.jpegDavid Austin Roses – Gold Medal (Box and Hornbeam)

2015 Hampton Court

 image6.jpeg image7.jpeg image8.jpeg
Vestra Wealth: Encore – A Music Lover’s Garden – Paul Martin – Silver Gilt Medal (HornbeamJust Retirement: A Garden for Every Retiree – Tracy Foster – Silver Gilt Medal (Green Beech)The Scotty’s Little Soldiers Garden – Graeme Thirde – Bronze Medal (Yew Elements
 image9.jpeg image10.jpeg
Botanica World Discoveries: Winnie the Pooh Begins His Journey – Anthea Guthrie – Gold Medal (Native Mix)

Association of Professional Landscapers – Tina Vallis (Native Mix)

2014 Chelsea:  two Show Gardens and five Exhibitor stands

 image11.jpeg image12.jpeg image13.jpeg image14.jpeg
Paul Hervey-Brookes’ Show Garden on Main Avenue – Hornbeam and Box – Bronze MedalThe Topiarist’s Garden – Marylyn Abbott – Yew – Silver Gilt MedalCole Henley – HornbeamDavid Austin Roses – Portuguese Laurel – Gold Medal
 image15.jpeg image16.jpeg image17.jpeg
Giles Rayner- HornbeamJenny Pickford Artist Blacksmith (under construction!) HornbeamDavid Harber – Hornbeam

2014 Hampton Court

Six gardens – two Golds, three Silver Gilts and one Silver Flora.

 image18.jpeg image19.jpegimage20.jpeg
Vestra Wealth’s Vista – Paul Martin – Gold Medal (Hornbeam)
 image21.jpeg image22.jpeg image23.jpeg
Jordans Wildlife Garden – Selina Botham (Native Mix) – Silver Flora Medal
 image24.jpeg image25.jpeg image26.jpeg
The Flintknapper’s Garden – Luke Heydon (Hawthorn) – Silver Gilt Medal
 image27.jpeg image28.jpeg image29.jpeg
Dichotomy Garden (Greed) – Sara Jane Rothwell and JoanMa Roig (Box, Portuguese Laurel and Hornbeam) – Silver Gilt Medal
 image30.jpeg image31.jpeg image32.jpeg
The NSPCC Legacy Garden – Adam Woolcott and Jonathan Smith (Common Laurel) – Silver Gilt Medal
 image33.jpeg image34.jpeg image35.jpeg
Hedgehog Street – Tracy Foster (Beech) – Gold Medal

2013 Chelsea

Elveden Instant Portuguese Laurel Hedge has been used to great effect on David Austin’s Gold medal winning stand, the dark green Instant Hedge sets off the beautiful roses perfectly and the combination of hedge and rose is sensational.

 image36.jpeg image37.jpeg image38.jpeg
 image39.jpeg image40.jpeg image41.jpeg

2013 Hampton Court