Evergreen Instant Hedging

Evergreen Instant Hedging has the benefit of providing screening, privacy and shelter all year round. An evergreen instant hedge will also give an immediate, mature look to your garden. This dense hedging is available at heights of up to 2m and can be planted all-year round.

Instant hedges are the perfect way to provide maturity to your garden and have the following benefits:

  • A ready grown hedge providing a mature, practical option
  • Dense hedging, pre-planted and ready spaced out
  • Carefully maintained and regularly clipped to an instant hedge shape
  • Ready to plant all year round and available up to 2m high, species dependent
  • Available in any lengths, and can be bent to almost any shape
  • Instant evergreen hedges provide a year round dense screening, privacy, shelter etc.
  • We have taken the time to grow it, so you don’t have to!

See evergreen pages for more details on specific species:

Yew Evergreen Instant Hedge

Evergreen Instant Hedge

Our current range of evergreen instant hedging includes the following species with their common and latin name:

Best Evergreen Hedging

Happy Customer

Yew Hedge – Instant Hedge

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and to let you know, as I’m sure you do, how marvellous your team are. The yew hedging and larger plants went in without the slightest of fuss and the effect was both instant and amazing; it has transformed our garden by adding years of growing in a matter of days. I can’t wait until spring to plant more!” JC, Suffolk.