Practicality Brown can transplant large trees, as we have the appropriate expertise and specialised tree moving equipment.  We undertake tree moving on a regular basis for a number of private and commercial organisations throughout the UK.

We have Tree Spade machines which are capable of transplanting trees up to 100cm in girth.  Our Gallery has more photos showing our tree spade machines in action.

Practicality Brown can offer different tree spades according to tree size, which are available on a price per tree or day work rates. Please contact us for a quote.

Tree Spades

Practicality Brown have over 30 years’ experience in tree transplanting and have several Tree Spade machines, including an Optimal 1100 mounted on a Kramer 520 Compact Loader and a Big John 1.6m 4×4 Truck-Mounted Tree spade.

Machines can be supplied with ‘flotation tyres’ for work on sensitive ground, are operated by experienced, trained operators and backed up by a skilled planting team, if needed, for securing the trees or assisting with planting. We specialise in moving medium sized trees 30-50cm girth for parks, private estates and landowners, golf and sports clubs.  This service is also invaluable for Landscape Contractors to extend their own range of capabilities.

In addition to moving trees, our other services include:

  1. a comprehensive aftercare package
  2. anti-desiccant application
  3. feeding
  4. guying
  5. installation of irrigation pipes
  6. preparation of trees for future moving
  7. pruning
  8. rootballing

TRANSPLANTING larger trees
Trees too large or inaccessible to a Tree Spade Machine can be moved using the traditional ‘frame and crane’ method according to size, position and soil type. This involves digging around the tree and fitting a special frame which is then lifted by mobile crane either to a nearby position or onto a lorry to transport the tree to its new position where it is then lifted off and replanted by crane.

Please complete the contact us to discuss your requirements.