Easy to plant Instant Hedge
Easy to plant Instant Hedge available for delivery now!!

Looking for a garden project to keep you busy?


Mixed Native Hedging

If you are looking for a home garden project, our mature Instant Hedge, an easy to plant Instant Hedge could be the answer!

Our range of Practical Instant Hedge™ is pre-grown and delivered in easy-to-handle metre long hedge bags, which means you can tackle that project you have always wanted to undertake.  We will deliver direct to your front door.

This UK grown Instant Hedging range now includes Native Mix, Griselinia, Yew, Elaeagnus, Portuguese Laurel, Common Laurel, Holm Oak, Hawthorn, Beech, Privet, Hornbeam, Photinia, Holly and Box. Currently available heights from 60cm to 1.8m high.

Please Contact our sales team for a detailed quotation.