Soft green touch on a new development

The new development of individually styled period houses was softened into the environment by the judicious installation of evergreen Elveden Instant Hedge.

Common Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifloia’) was chosen for its soft, pale green, fresh look and its even, vigorous growth that provides a year round hedge which reliably screens any new build project. Common Yew (Taxus baccata) was used on the front boundary to add a touch of classic evergreen maturity and sense of time to the development.

racecourse hedge Newmarket
Racecourse Hedge, Newmarket

Racecourse Hedge, Newmarket

A racehorse trainer in Newmarket required an effective green screen with density which would allow for the timber fence to be removed within 12 months. We planted 400m of up to 2metre high Elveden Instant Laurel hedge in just 4 days effectively screening the area from planting. The client was so impressed with the installation and the density of our hedges, that the fence was immediately removed.