Trees for smaller gardens

We have many trees available that are suitable for smaller gardens, in all shapes and sizes, evergreen and deciduous. It is important that any trees chosen are right for their surroundings, in terms of proportion as well as for their decorative value.

Here is a selection of trees for smaller garden, but also consider the space you have available. Trees with a weeping form rarely increase much in height; similarly consider a columnar tree, which will not spread appreciably.  When do you want your tree to look good, what the ‘season of interest’; flowering time, foliage, fruit and bark. If you only have room for one tree ideally look for one with more than one season of interest such as fruit or autumn colour following on from flowers.

Here are a selection of our favorites:

1. Cercis siliquastrum / Judas tree

Cercis siliquastrum
Cercis siliquastrum

The Judas tree is a slow growing small deciduous tree reaching 4-6m tall and wide, it is funnel-shaped becoming umbrella like. In April for 2-3 weeks fragrant, crimson-pink flowers appear in clusters directly on the stem and branches. Flat brown seed pods persist all winter. Cercis siliquastrum prefers sunny hot areas in well drained soil, its can be susceptible to frost, prefers calcareous sandy or loamy soils. Tolerant to draught.

2.Malus / Flowering Crabs

Malus flowering crab apples
Malus floribunda
Malus Professor Sprenger zumi

The Crap Apple tree genus comprises of around 30 species including 5-6 metres high deciduous trees. Flowering is usually in the Spring, the earliest varieties starting at the beginning of May, the latest the beginning of June. The flowering colours vary too from white and pink to red. Many varieties have miniature apples ranging in colours of yellow to orange to reds. Plant in sun to light shade in well drained, slightly acidic to alkaline soil. crabapples crabapple

3. Prunus serrulata / Flowering Cherry

Prunus serrulata Shirofugen
Prunus serrulata Tai
Prunus serrulata Kiku shidare zakura
Prunus serrulata pink perfection

Cherries are attractive and versatile trees and their blossom is a welcome addition to the spring garden. Blossom can vary from delicate, single flowers on bare branches to clusters of full-skirted flowers that almost weigh down the branches. Many flowering cherries make good ornamental trees for smaller gardens, due to their modest size.

We have many Japanese flowering cherry trees, Prunus serrulata including

Also see our news article for more suggestions – and of course, you can use our Tree Finder to select trees based on your own attributes.

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