Trees for coastal areas

Strong, often salt laden, winds present a challenge for planting in coastal gardens. Trees that are grown in a coastal climate don’t tend reach the same size as those inland and they often have a windswept shape; branches facing the main wind direction get ‘pruned’ by the wind, leading to interesting shapes.

1. Pinus nigra Austriaca (Austrian Pine)

Pinus nigra Austriaca is a rich, robust Austrian pine; a popular evergreen, due to its hardy nature, attractive deep green glossy and dense foliage and picturesque, rounded, growth habit. It is an extremely tough tree that grows a range of tough and exposed conditions; making it ideal for screening and windbreaks. It is tolerant of urban, coastal and exposed environments, although it does grow to considerable height.

Black Pine

2. Quercus ilex (Holm Oak)

Quercus ilex is a magnificent large evergreen tree with a densely rounded habit and attractive corrugated bark. The glossy, dark green leaves are pale whitish-grey underneath. Holm oak is very hardy, and takes well to pruning but if left naturallly, it will grow to 25m with a spread of 15 – 20m.

Holm oak leaf

3. Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak)

The Turkey Oak is a fast growing, spreading, deciduous tree which has shiny robust leaves, which turn yellow-brown in autumn.r. Ultimate height 20 – 25m, spread 8 – 15m.

4. Sorbus aucuparia (Mountain Ash, Rowan)

Sorbus aucuparia is a pretty native tree with finely toothed green foliage that turns yellow through to orange in the autumn, whilst the white spring flowers produce orange/ red berries by September. Ultimate height 5 – 10m, spread 5m.

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