Evergreen Screening
beautiful icture of evegreen trees and hedges underneath a railway bridge

Evergreen Screening

Stunning Evergreen Screening

Here at Prac Brown we specialise in evergreen screening and have an extensive selection of screening trees and evergreen hedging to provide instant impact to your garden or landscape project.

Reasons for using evergreen trees and hedges for screening:

There are many reasons for wanting to use screening plants but from experience we have identified the common reasons below…

  • For privacy against neighbours overlooking your garden
  • To shelter the garden from wind
  • To block out unsightly views from the perimeter of your garden
  • To section garden areas
  • To instantly enhance the look of a garden with greenery

Why not take a look at our cheat sheets for the most common forms of:

Our range of evergreen foliage is of the highest grade and most importantly stays green all year round come rain or shine. They can also be planted anytime of the year making it a practical go-to when instant greenery is needed.

It is important to take the time to get the right evergreen screening in place, as when planted it will become a permanent fixture in your garden.

Choosing the Right Evergreen Screening plants

Prac Brown employ a friendly bunch of botanists, horticulturalists and green fingered enthusiasts so why not use them and take the guess work out of which evergreen tree or hedge is right for your garden environment. We also work with a number of third party garden designers who can work wonders in helping you achieve your goals.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, we can advise you on the most suitable evergreen screening for your needs. For lower level garden screening or garden sectioning we have an excellent range of evergreen hedging as you can see on either side of this page. For bigger garden screening we have large evergreen trees for sale.

Evergreen Hedging Ideas

Whether you have a small garden that you’d like to frame with some privacy hedging or you have a particular neighbour who you see peering in and would like to block their view with one of our large evergreen trees for sale, we have the solution for you waiting in our UK nurseries.

Our favourite evergreen hedge right now for smaller garden screening or sectioning is the box instant hedge as it has a full body and luscious green leaf – the peoples choice!

Interesting evergreen trees that we have for sale include the Ilex aquifolium Siberia Limsii (Common Holly Siberia), the compact Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet) which is ideal for screening above a particular height or the Camellia japonica Rosa Perfecta (Camellia) for its luscious rose like flowers.

Whatever your screening desire, we have the knowledge and the greenery at our disposal to make your wish come true so why not get in touch today – call 01753 652 022 or take a look at the our evergreen tree selection below and add any to an enquiry through our website.

With hundreds of evergreen screening trees, hedges and plants in stock, we will almost certainly have the product to suit your needs.

Evergreen Hedges

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A Selection Of Our Mature Evergreen Screening Trees For Sale

For a full selection of large evergreen screening trees, please click here (1.8m+)