Evergreen Screening
beautiful icture of evegreen trees and hedges underneath a railway bridge

Evergreen Screening

Stunning Evergreen Screening

Evergreen Instant Hedges

Practicality Brown specialise in evergreen screening and have an extensive selection of screening trees and evergreen hedging to provide instant impact to your garden or landscape project.

Reasons for using evergreen trees and hedges for screening:

There are many reasons for wanting to use screening plants but from experience we have identified the common reasons below…

  • For privacy from neighbours overlooking your garden
  • To shelter the garden from wind
  • To block out unsightly views
  • To section off garden areas
  • To instantly enhance the look of a garden with greenery

Take a look at our fact sheets for more information:

Choosing the Right Evergreen Screening plants

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, we can advise you on the most suitable evergreen screening for your needs – let us take the guess work out of which evergreen tree or hedge is right for your garden.

For screening or garden sectioning up to 2m high we have an excellent range of evergreen instant hedging available and for taller garden screening we have large evergreen trees for sale.

With hundreds of evergreen screening trees, instant hedges and plants in available, we will almost certainly have the product to suit your needs. Please call 01753 652 022 or fill out an enquiry form for more information.

A Selection Of Our Mature Evergreen Screening Trees For Sale

For a full selection of large evergreen screening trees, please click here (1.8m+)